In For the Cause is an initiative of the Awareness for Inclusion Foundation

Incorporated as a Section 8 company (not for profit) in India under the Companies Act, 2013.


In For: The Cause is a platform to raise awareness and enable support services that help those marginalized in our society. As the world around us becomes more polarized, there is an increasing need to ensure inclusion of all sections of the society.

There are countless stories of how people with varied or different abilities and belonging to different social backgrounds have accomplished things far greater that what was expected by the society or even their own families. Inhibitions and lack of knowledge hold us back in including anybody who appears to be different than us. It is this barrier that we at In For the Cause want to break. We want to help provide equal opportunities to all disadvantaged segments so they can attain their full potential.


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Our vision is to create a more inclusive nation of empowered individuals, families and other social eco-systems.


Our purpose is to deliver a tangible impact on the lives of PWDs & underserved communities by making them active and valuable members of our society. We achieve this by using both digital and physical platforms including products and services to raise awareness and promote engagement of all social stakeholders.


Do you think it’s time to give back to society? Are you looking for work that is meaningful and will help create a better tomorrow?


Twenty-three writers lend their voice to Twilight's Children and their caregivers creating a new normal within each piece of writing.


In For: The Cause is a platform to raise awareness and enable support services that help those marginalized in our society.

The Social Street, a digital marketing company in partnership with In For The Cause team, collaborated with us to make “A Canvas Of Expression”.

The objective of the workshop was to experience the impact of colours and partnership of their employees with differently abled individuals to create a canvas. The one-and-a-half hour interaction saw the employees truly unwinding, practicing mindfulness and empathizing. We could see that given an opportunity, every person likes to add value.

We aim to hold many such workshops in the future across the corporate landscape. We invite you to experience the magic of creation with us.

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A Canvas of Expression

Gaurav Gupta

Associate Vice President.

“It was an amazing experience to get to learn so much from these lovely spirited individuals. Despite all odds they have achieved so many feats that mesmerise me and I wish I can learn somethings from them. Ever happy always smiling. They are a true inspiration,“

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